Manual Measuring Stages

Manual measuring stages from Märzhäuser are available in 4 different model types:

Measuring stages of the series EK-MR and MTM are usually used in upright microscopes.

At measuring lengths over 100 mm it comes with a patented coarse adjustment and fine adjustment. 

All stages, except the stages MT 25 x 25 and MT 50 x 50, are equipped with the MR measuring system, especially developed by Märzhäuser.

MT models are designed for use in measuring microscopes or profile projectors. 

Measuring stages MT 100 x 100 and MT 200 x 100 have a coarse adjustment and / or fine adjustment.

These stages are also available in custom design with measuring ranges up to 500 x 500 mms.

The smallest measuring stages of this series come with a glass plate in the stage plate for measurements in transmitted light or as a closed model for incident light measurements or hardness tests.


MT Series


MTM-MR Series




EK-MR Series


MT-MR Series