TANGO integrale

The High-Resolution Stepper Motor Controller for Individual System Integration.

TANGO integrale is the miniaturized and compact stepper motor controller for 2 axes, providing the typical performance features of the TANGO product family.
Due to its extremely small dimensions, the controller can be directly integrated into positioning systems.
The positioning is done through programming or manual operating device.
Digital inputs/outputs enable extensive additional functions.

Control of 1 or 2 axes

  • motor voltage 24 V typ. / phase current 1 A max.
  • both axes can be moved individually or linear interpolated simultaneously

High position resolution

  • 819,200 microsteps/revolution
  • exact positioning within sub-μm range
  • smooth running of motors


  • precise positioning in closed-loop operation with incremental length and angle measuring systems
  • saving coordinates
  • position-synchronous trigger output
  • backlash compensation

Flat design

  • small dimensions with a height of approx. 7 mm

Software support for easy integration

  • "Microsoft Authenticode Certificated Driver", compatible to all Windows operating systems including Windows 10 (32/64 bit)
  • compatible with native instruction set of TANGO product family
  • programming by means of DLL, LabView VI and software "SwitchBoard"

TANGO integrale

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TANGO integrale
for control of up to 2 motor axes

Operating Devices

Complete your TANGO controller with a suitable operating device ...