Digital Readout Unit PROFILER SCD

The Digital Readout Unit PROFILER SCD enables an exact determination of position in up to
3 measuring axes of manual microscope stages and measuring stages in combination with the Märzhäuser measuring systems. The system works independently, which means, the PROFILER SCD requires no PC for operation. It can easily and intuitively be operated via Touch Display.

OEM users can customise their interface individually. 

PROFILER SCD is the succeeding product model of SCDplus.


PROFILER SCD (00-76-900-4830)


Digital readout unit for 2D and 3D measurements

Product Features:

  • precise length measurement in 3 axes

  • large touch display

  • easily and intuitively to use

  • requires no PC for operation

  • position error correction possible

  • reference switch inputs

  • 2 measuring channels for Märzhäuser measuring systems

  • 3rd measuring channel for Märzhäuser nanoScale, TTL/RS-422 or 1Vpp measuring system

  • compatible with SCD 5, SCD 6 and SCDplus

  • compatible with all Märzhäuser measuring and scanning stages with integrated measuring systems

  • graphic interface can be customized for OEM users